What is Ruby Quartz? An Explanation

What is ruby quartz? Apparently the answer to this question will depend on who you talk to. For some, the term ruby quartz is a substance that is found in the X-men movies and comics. The field leader of the X-men, who is known as Cyclops, uses ruby quartz lenses to protect those around him from his dangerous optic blasts that are out of his control. When you ask an X-men fan what is ruby quartz, you are very likely to be referred to this character and information. However, a lover of gemstones and jewelry will probably have a much different idea of what ruby quartz is.

What is Ruby Quartz? Real or Synthetic?

There are many different types of quartz that can be found today, and a number of them have become beautiful additions to many types of jewelry. One of the most popular gemstones that you can find in any number of jewelry settings is amethyst, which is purple quartz. Citrine, or yellow quartz, is another common stone used in many different styles of jewelry. Blue quartz, rose quartz and aventurine are all different quartz varieties that can create beautiful jewelry and accessory pieces. But what is ruby quartz?

Ruby quartz gets its name from the color of the stone, which is shaded with ruby-colored flecks that are found inside of this quartz. Ruby quartz was discovered in a mine in Africa just a few short years ago, and it tends to be a rather fragile substance to work with in its natural state because it crumbles quite easily. It has a unique appearance with a variety of other colors that can be found within it, and it tends to give off a natural, subtle sparkle.

Because ruby quartz is apparently somewhat rare to come across in its natural state, and because of the fragile nature of the stone, many of the jewelry pieces that you will come across that state they are ruby quartz are actually synthetic in nature. Although these stones are not natural in many cases, they can be a beautiful addition to many jewelry pieces because of their rich color and their versatility. You can find ruby quartz that is manmade as an accent to authentic gemstones like fresh water pearls.

There are also beautiful carved stones that are synthetic ruby quartz as well. You can find gorgeous crafted roses, and basic shapes like ovals and rectangles. Because these are manmade stones, you can find a wide variety of shapes and sizes, all for very reasonable prices. A number of jewelry supply retailers also provide a variety of synthetic ruby quartz beads that you can use for your jewelry making craft. Many jewelry makers love working with these stones because the rich hues work well in a variety of jewelry styles with any number of other stones.

So what is ruby quartz and what can you do with it? If you are not a Cyclops that needs to protect those close to you, you can use ruby quartz as a beautiful addition to many of your jewelry pieces.